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Drip Campaigns

A residential Internet lead is typically 6-8 months from buying a home. Therefore the agent’s follow up needs to be at least 6-8 months long, or they will never make any money. I use 1 email a week for the first month, one every two weeks for two months and then the rest of a year once a month. Of course, commercial leads would have a different and varying time table. Here are some of the pieces I am currently sending out.

Email Marketing

When people register for the site, I add them to an email alert. I look at the properties they are looking for and I set the site up so it will email them properties daily that come on the market within their criteria. I have researched the effects of this. I definitely have people that don’t appreciate this. The majority of them come back to the site and look at the properties. I err on the side that makes the most money. (But leaves my reputation intact)

Virginia Beach Email Alerts

In this graphic, you can see that our really nice client appreciates the information and is coming back to the site almost every day. I get agents ask me all the time, do I set them up with email alerts. I answer emphatically, yes! Yes! If you like money, yes! This nice lady is much more likely to use us when she decides to buy a place. I am providing a value. I am becoming the face of the real estate market to her. I put my name and phone number in front of her almost every day. It is advanced targeted marketing.