Videos create quality content that Google likes

I have been adding videos to landing pages. When Google sees that there is content about “keyword item 1” and a picture  about “keyword item 1” and a video about “keyword item 1” then Google starts to realize that your page is about “keyword item 1”. You do have to make sure to not over optimize for any keywords, because Google will de-rank you for the exact term you are targeting! So beware. At the beginning pf the description for each video on YouTube is a link to the corresponding page on the Virginia Beach Residence page. This creates another source of traffic to the site. It creates a popularity vote for the site in Google. And if someone scrapes the video and it’s description, then the link will be recreated on the scraper’s site creating more sources of traffic for the site and more popularity votes for Google!

Recent video examples are below. I am using Animoto that makes the bulk of the creation quite easy. Then I am bringing the videos into Cyberlink PowerDirector and further editing them. Here are some recent samples.

Alanton Homes For Sale

Alanton is a desirable neighborhood in Virginia Beach. On this page I have the video and the title image the same size. I am working on the content and this is similar to what most of the pages will look like when I am done updating the content. The video on the page is here.

Beach Borough Homes For Sale

Here is how I use it on the site.

At some point, the title graphics and videos will be similarly sized. They look a lot better that way. But Google doesn’t really care right now, so there it is!

Aragona Village Homes For Sale

Here is the Aragona Village page with the video embedded.

I added some facts and figures about the neighborhood in a narration track. My recording method causes a hiss right now and I am searching for a better way to record narration for the videos.

Being the sole marketer/designer for, I have had to learn a wide variety of skills. video is becoming much more important for businesses of all kinds. So I am spending more and more time on it. Thank you for your time!

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