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Older Examples UnEarthed!

HEY! Cool! I just found an old document I created to show off some creations I had accumulated at the time.  Old Design Examples. These are from various projects, jobs and programs. a lot of it was Photoshop. Some of it was 3D Studio Max, some of it was Illustrator. Some of it was video created via 3D Studio Max. Some of it was in Macromedia Flash. some of it was in Poser 3D. Some of it was to show off XSL pulling XML from a file, in Real-time on a webpage. I have some logo design there. Some of it was animated through Adobe ImageReady. Some of it was GUIs that went into government projects. I am so glad I kept it! It is nice to go back and see a good sampling of it all. Good times. I am including a graphic which shows a sample of what is in the file.

Samples of the Samples doc
Here are samples of what you’ll find in the Word document linked to above.