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Here is a video talking about a listing in the Kempsville School District. At the beginning of the description on the YouTube page, I have a link to the page I am trying to promote. The video is less about selling the house and more about selling me. I am showing off the property while talking about the high school district and the subdivision page. If I put a link to the home’s page, then I have Google authority regarding that home until it sells. However if I promote the Kempsville High School page or the Bayside neighborhood page, then I have Google authority until Kempsville is no longer a school or until the Bayside neighborhood doesn’t exist. I also have a cool piece of code that allows me to run text around a video. So when I blog about the home for sale, which is also, more about the neighborhood or school, then I can embed the video. Which Google thinks is SUPER rich content and makes the blog more important and makes all the links from the blog more important. I also embed the video into the content page. Which, in this case, is the Bayside neighborhood page and the Kempsville High School page. again, rich content for my site that Google loves.

You can see more of my videos here, MyAgentTom

And here is another real estate video with Kevin Hare and myself.

And here is my FIRST video from many years ago!