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There are two spellings of Flier. I have looked it up and it is slightly more preferred to use Flier instead of Flyer.

Here are some fliers I have have created recently.

Craigslist Marketing

Craigslist Marketing in Virginia BeachI get a TON of great traffic from Craigslist. A marketer has to understand where their audience is. A bunch of mine are starting on Craigslist, so it makes sense for me to crush it there. My graphics have to be superb and tantalizing. They should be better than everyone else’s graphics. You will see I cross promote the high school pages up top. Then I have the neighborhood. Then our required info, the brokerage and company. SO many agents don’t have the required info on their advertisements. I am very surprised that there is a huge lack of knowledge on it. as the advertisers get more and more seedy, I expect there to be a crackdown soon. Back to the topic, I have the most tempting images displayed on the flier. This flier is a very cool template I designed to look like the front of a real estate book. It is helpful to have a familiar design because it catches people’s eye.

Craigslist now allows home searches in Hampton Roads to show thumbnails on the list view. So it important to have a thumbnail. I believe I should be doing it better than everyone else by at least 5%, so I craft my thumbnail to catch more attention.

And super super new is a MAP view! Outside sites were creating maps of Craigslists posts. Craigslist has┬áprohibited┬áthem from doing it and has created their own in-ad maps now. So if people are looking on the map for a home, you HAVE to have a map location added to your ad, or you will not show up to them. That’s a bad thing!