New Pinterest Strategy

Pinterest Board - Virginia Beach Neighborhooods

I have stumbled across a great reuse of content that I am excited about! I have heard of people actually getting traffic from Pinterest, I realized I am creating great new content for the pages and that I need to re-purpose the content and therefor leverage it to the hilt! Check out my new Pinterest board, Virginia Beach Neighborhoods. I have been taking time to make all these images and taking time to add valuable content to the site. I have copied a piece of the content and the image to the Pinterest board. This will make the Pinterest board more valuable on Google and more valuable to users. Thank goodness, Pinterest provides a LINK from the content to the page it was pinned from! So it is yet another vote for my site in Google! And cross promoting in blogs and other media are votes for the Pinterest board in Google. and the pagerank (Larry Page Rank)  trickles down to my money site,

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