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I have had success with facebook marketing in that, I have kept my status as a RealtorĀ® fresh in everyone’s minds. I haven’t had the budget to run a bunch of ads, which I have done in the past. I am subtly advertising for free. I post 80-90% rapport building content and 10-20% real estate reminders. They are not overt “buy from me” content. They are just real estate related posts that unobtrusively ping “Real Estate” in people’s minds.

facebook Marketing in Virginia Beach

Here is a example of my graphic design. I have faked a car wrap with Photoshop. Some people actually thought it was real, which I will take as a compliment, of course. I faux-wrapped a couple more cars and blogged about them and posted links to the blogs on social media. Because of the cool nature of the content, people were more likely to like and share the content, which is good for me on Google. They make good Pinterest posts, which can point back to social media, the site or the blog posts. The facebook page is named the exact URL of the site. I never drive people off of the money site onto the facebook page. The money is made on the lead capture site. Not the facebook page. All strategies are to drive the traffic to the money site. All strategies target keywords that point back to the appropriate page which is optimized for those keywords.

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